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Here to help smart investors invest in real estate.  
Whether you're just beginning to add real estate to your portfolio, or you're an experienced investor looking to add more diversification to your portfolio. Jms Realty & Trust Llc. is here to help. 


Together creating a better living community.


Target Rate of Return        JMSR&T actual rate of return                  Dividend Performance 
       8% - 10%                           12% - 15%**                                          100% paid to investors**
                                                                              Actual rate of return has been calculated based on
                                                                              the past performance of fully realized deals.

Rate of return and dividend performance metric was updated April 6, 2022. The performance information on this page may not be accurate indicator of overall Market performance. Past performance is not indicative of future results and should be relied upon the basis of making an investment decision. 

Passive income made easy by diversification

You can add to your existing portfolio and diversify outside of the public markets with private real estate, by reducing risk and building generational wealth. 

Apartment Building
Modern Architecture

Folks are looking for ways to make their money work for them. 


I wanted control of my money and knowing my day job would not give me the retirement I wanted, I started a real estate company. Why? I like real estate and I like helping people so I thought to put the two together because I believe there’s Power in community.


Turn key assets

Community Living

Building relationships

Passive income

Building long lasting income


JMS REALTY enhances neighborhoods one home at a time with active community involvement.  


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         The benefits of investing in real estate 


 Real estate has proven its ability to deliver a steady income stream to investors. 


 Other types of investments are more tied into the stock market which fluctuates, real estate has    a reputation for being steady. 


 Great hedge against inflation. 

 Don't take my word view a few articles. 

“In our research, we found that portfolios that have a mixture of stocks, bonds and real estate outperform other portfolios,” said Ken. H. Johnson, Ph.D., a real-estate economist at Florida Atlantic University. “You get a better risk/return profile from owning real estate.”

1) Building inflation-resistant portfolios : TIGER 21 members are convinced that inflationary pressures will be permanent, not transitory. In fact, 65% of members expect inflation to accelerate in the next year.They are therefore allocating money to some of their favorite investments to protect against inflation, such as: Real estate, like industrial properties and apartment buildings.

Real estate has proven to be one of the best long-term investments.


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